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José González – Slow Moves

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

jose gonzalez, sweden, argentinian, veneer, slow moves, acoustic, singer-songwriter, indie

Artist: José González
Song: Slow Moves
From album: Veneer
Genre: Slow-burning acoustic fire.
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This song is laced with golden fire, hidden in ember-woven nets that drag the sky. It’s a song, an album, to be listened to in the wake of a hurricane, electricity just a memory and a frontier dark and silence on every side. It should be listened to by indirect candlelight and given your full attention in order that you should not miss its subtle moods.

You can trust me, I’ve been there.

Hearts of Black Science – Empty City Lights

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

hearts of black science, empty city lights, tambourine grindcore, swedish indie, electronica, ambient, rock

Artist: Hearts of Black Science
Song: Empty City Lights
From album: Promo 2006
Genre: “Pure Electro Gonzo”
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This song reminds me of the feeling of waking up before sunrise. It’s a brisk autumn morning with a quick breakfast and an early start on a road trip in the imminent future. It’s a quiet inkling somewhere in your chest that there’s new excitement brewing.

You hit the road in the golden hour, and colors look more real than ever, as if the world was newly washed during the night. Falling leaves seem frozen with fire; everything drips with electricity and a feeling of anticipation tinged with melancholy. The wind whipping past you is cool and filled with abandon; and it floods the car with memories.

Hearts of Black Science is another good myspace find. The songs are lacquered with a restrained but deeply-present darkish sheen. It may be elusive at first glance, so you might have to look twice to see the true colors. Their influences range from Ladytron to Darkthrone, but what they come up with seems distinctly and un-self-consciously their own.