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Nell – A Little Sad Story

Monday, February 19th, 2007

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Artist: Nell
Song: A Little Sad Story (??? ?? ???)
From Album: Speechless
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Happy Lunar New Year, and a song by the Korean band Nell while I contemplate life, and the new Eksperimentoj album.

There’s a point in this song where it convinces me of its honesty. A juncture almost theraminesque and quite sincere, like the seaside escarpmental life of some wind-tossed ribbon. I’m sure you can spot it.
I’m honestly not sure what album of theirs this is from and what the Korean name is, since I got it on a home-made compilation cd with this name. If anyone knows, I’d be much obliged to learn. Thanks to Goldspark on youtube for album/song info.

Peterpan Complex – You Know I Love You

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

Artist: Peterpan Complex
Song: You Know I Love You
Genre: Kpops
From album: Transistor
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This song by Peterpan Complex sounds like a younger and korean version of muse meets radiohead sung from a more optimistic outlook, and played through rose-coloured speakers.

He insists that you know that he loves you, but does he believe it himself? Is he clinging to what he knows out of a fear of change or disappointment? Is he advocating his love in denial of its triviality when, deep down inside, a feeling of transience is tearing him apart?

Well, I don’t think there’s any reason to think so. Then again, there’s no reason to discard the possibility.

Also: merry Christmas eve! You know I love you.