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Les Cowboys Fringants – L’Hiver Approche

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

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Artist: Cowboys Fringants
Song: L’Hiver Approche (Winter Approaches)
From album: Break Syndical
Genre: Québécois néo-trad
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I write this while watching the first snow of the year and remembering by it the long lost friend who recommended to me these very Cowboys Fringants toward the beginning of my music exploration life.

He lived in one of the tiny seaside villages in Quebec that mark the northern end of civilization and paved roads, and suggested the warmth of the “Frisky Cowboys” while speaking of sidewalks lined by ten foot high walls of snow.

It would be easy to imagine the song “L’Hiver Approche” as the beginning to an evening of dancing and drinking in a log-cabin pub, kindling a glow in icy windows that could be seen for winter miles and drawing villagers in from the cold. Don’t you think? Well imagine my surprise when I subjected the lyrics to online translation and discovered a raw social critique of consumerism and proletarian drudgery. Perhaps the song is even more timely than I thought.

I edited together an English translation of the French lyrics from 3 different translator programs with a little grammatical license, and it should give you the basic idea.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

OMR – Stood the Test of Time

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

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Artist: OMR
Song: Stood the Test of Time
From album: Superheroes Crash
Genre: Quiet Altsynth
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I imagine this song as a dark-haired girl, sort of shy and unassuming. She’s at a point in her life where she’s going to clubs to be alone. She’ll linger in a dim corner and try with all her might to absorb some kind of meaning from the tide of feelings and perceptions that make up her reality. If you catch a glimpse of her, she’ll be looking straight through you. Some faces bid, “come hither” but hers says, “do you see?

International Hip Hop Expostravagasplosion: Part I

Friday, February 24th, 2006

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Being rather interested in linguistics, I can’t help but find hip hop/rap in different languages to be quite intriguing. It’s very impressive how far the genre has travelled in such a relatively small period of time, and how people are adapting it to their own societies and cultural elements. Who would have thought? I really have no clue what most of these people are saying but a good subwoofer and an open mind will probably help you to enjoy them. If all else fails you can just imagine that they are talking about rolling on dubs and imbibing malt liquors.

I’m pretty busy with work recently, so I’ll just give you the guts of what I gots without a whole lot of jibba jabba:

Artist: Ceza
Song: Rapstar
Album: Rapstar
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I really like the mood of the subdued background instruments in this titular track, it feels like walking through some extravagant underground cavern. There are other samples here.

Africa (Tanzania)
Artist: X Plastaz
Song:Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki
Album: Maasai Hip Hop
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“In recent years the X Plastaz have become known for being the first hiphop crew to use Maasai music and culture in their performance. Maasai singer Yamat (also known as Merege) is now a full member of the group who has joined on tour and in the recording studio.” Very cool.

Artist: Subliminal
Song: Ba’anu Choshech Legaresh
Album: Ha’Or Ve’HaTzel (The Light and the Shadow)
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“…their lyrical content, though pro-Israel, is not militant or anti-Arab and has no specific political agenda, though it is sometimes described as right-wing. With occasional Arabic lyrics and songs like “Peace in the Middle East”, they take a stance that can be described as desirous of a better future but unapologetic about the present.” Nice mixing in of traditional instruments and chanting.

Artist: Fettes Brot
Song: Die meisten meiner Feinde
Album: Am Wasser Gebaut
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“(“Fat/Phat Bread”) from Hamburg, one of the first successful German hip-hop groups. Their raps are usually humorous and of late they have experimented with different crossover sounds.” Fun. German. Hip Hop.

Artist: Oxmo Puccino
Song: La Nuit M’appelle
Album: Le Cactus De Sibérie
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“The third album from French hip-hop artists, produced by DJ Sek, Alsoprodby, DJ Duke, Diesel & Manu Key. Oxmo has sold over 300,000 units of his previous two albums in France.” This song features Casioesque opera-vocals.

Artist: Mutantoff & the Killektiv
Song: Amsterdub
Album: Not For Amerika
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You Can Make Our Album Yourself ! Fuck Record Labels ! Fuck Fat and Dumb Producers ! On this page you can download the full version of “Not For Amerika” album in mp3 and original design for it, which you can print out on any printer. We don’t need your money for our music – listen free !
Download the other songs here. Thanks guys. I like the creepy nursery-rhyme-sounding chorus. Most of the other songs are a bit more “normal” sounding.

All songs are now also available in a solitary zip file, if that tickles your fancy. And that’s about it, more to come in part II (Probably Greenlandic, Icelandic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, and Hungarian). What do you think?