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Architecture Daily

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

  architecture daily, modern architecture, contemporary architecture

Arch Daily” is one of my new favorite sites. It’s just bursting with bounties of inspiring new architecture.

The presentation is great, with lots of big pictures and they even give you the plans and elevations. Not everything will suit your fancy, but for my taste, there’s quite a high ratio of fantastic designs.

Here are a few I found quite interesting:

Metal Shutter Houses

  architecture daily, shigeru ban, metal shutter houses

The “Metal Shutter Houses” by Shigeru Ban seem like a modern reimagining of some of the features of traditional Japanese architecture, where sliding panels and doors allow you to open up the house to nature’s breezes and break down the barriers between indoors and out. I personally love the idea of hydraulic folding glass walls.

Slovenia Villa

  architecture daily, slovenia villa, OFIS arhitekti

Here’s an interesting and extravagant use of wood, and what a setting!

Jardin del Sol House

architecture daily, Jardin del Sol House, Corona y P. Amaral Arquitectos

Wow, the view… I love how the pool blends with the ocean, another sort of barrier breakdown. Nice raw, functional interiors too.

Ocho al Cubo House

architecture daily, ocho al cubo house, Sebastian Irarrazaval

An intriguing combo of Zen cave meets convention center. Minimalist secluded areas converge with open pillar-lined spaces. It’s glass and concrete in a modern symbiosis.