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Mirror – Pass the Town and to the C

Monday, September 1st, 2008

  journal spy effort, japanese indie music, rock, underground, ?????????????????, mirror, on then in, pass the town and to the C, instrumental

Artist: Mirror
Song: Pass the Town and to the C
From album: On, Then, In
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It’s like following a wild flowing river of guitar strings downstream. One encounters rocky banks and beautiful sandy shores in turn. The stream bubbles clear and gentle and breaks white over rocky dams. It spreads into glassy depths, sliding always onward, gathering momentum for the falls.

This song by Mirror (ex Journal Spy Effort) definitely shares a lot of characteristics with those they made in their previous incarnation, with a structure and maturity of expression which have clearly ripened with experience. JSE was like a wild horse, full of untamed potential; and Mirror has now clearly grasped its reins. This is a (mostly) instrumental album very much worth owning if you are a fan of the style.