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AIR – Liberal (Japan)

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

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Artist: AIR (the one from Japan)
Song: Liberal
From album: Freedom 99
Genre: Various
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AIR, among other things, is the musical project of Kurumatani Koji. He has put out something like 15 albums, with genres varying wildly within them; something neither the French band “Air” or the atmosphere itself can claim.

For example, Freedom 99 contains, among others: the Rage Against the Machine-ish rap-fronted, bass-backed “Real Say Juice”, the super-energetic electronica dance song “Selfish”, the brooding industrial piece “6453”, the dark alternative “Native”, the clean jazz-bar song “Unmei ha ikutsu mo aru”, and the pop ballad “Koko de tashika ni”. Wow indeed. Very diverse.

(Also this song called “Liberal”, which I thought was an interesting mash of loud guitar-walled machine and contrasting vocal styles.)