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Vola & the Oriental Machine – Principle of Machine

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

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Artist: Vola & the Oriental Machine
Song: Principle of Machine
From album: Waiting for My Food
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Oh yeah, that blog thing….

Vola & the Oriental Machine is something of a Japanese indie supergroup, with a formidable lineup including Inazawa Ahito from Number Girl, Aoki Yutaka from downy, and Nakahata Daiki from syrup16g.

When their first demo came out it was completely different from what I expected and I couldn’t really get into it. I seem to have a habit of letting music sit for a while. You might call it marinating, or maybe decanting. Whatever happens in the interim, I often come back wondering what I could have possibly been thinking when I first put it away. Some of my favorite bands I had once put in the cellar to ripen.

Probably it’s only my tastes that ripen as they learn to keep an open mind and actively seek out an understanding and appreciation, rather than waiting around for a sudden bowling-over.

In any case, I like these guys a lot more now, with their second release, than I did when they first appeared. This album definitely has some great moments, and if I like them this much more from one album to the next, I can’t wait until next month.

Eksperimentoj – Untitled

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

eksperimentoj, untitled, eugene wakamikoto, japanese indie music, rock, underground, ?????????????????,

Artist: Eksperimentoj
Song: Untitled
From album: Eksperimentoj
Genre: Igneous Rock
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Rock like this is what I’ve wanted to hear. – Aoki Robin
(downy, Dhal)

I couldn’t agree more. Eksperimentoj is quality music. Probably not since downy, has a band come out of Japan that I have appreciated as much so soon. I definitely recommend you check them out on myspace, and see their video for “note” via Ian’s blog.

The thematic tendons that run along the length of the album make picking it apart and isolating a favorite section very difficult. It’s like a complicated personality, having many surfaces of varying character, all of which hint at a larger, more monolithic something hidden beneath them.

When I first wrote about Eksperimentoj, the song “solaris” reminded me of a midnight storm in an ocean wilderness; but this album as a whole has a distinctly different ambience, and it’s rather hard to pin down. Even the mix of solaris here is not as huge and looming. It’s clearer, and much more personal.

The more I think about it, the more it seems like a person, whose thoughts form as music while he glides through the world. He sees with little color, but in great depth and richness, extracting meaning from every contour. Behind him, the shapes and shadows buckle and stretch, as the path of his thoughts unconsciously reforms the landscape in a spreading wave.

Life is but a dream.