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Nell – A Little Sad Story

Monday, February 19th, 2007

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Artist: Nell
Song: A Little Sad Story (??? ?? ???)
From Album: Speechless
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Happy Lunar New Year, and a song by the Korean band Nell while I contemplate life, and the new Eksperimentoj album.

There’s a point in this song where it convinces me of its honesty. A juncture almost theraminesque and quite sincere, like the seaside escarpmental life of some wind-tossed ribbon. I’m sure you can spot it.
I’m honestly not sure what album of theirs this is from and what the Korean name is, since I got it on a home-made compilation cd with this name. If anyone knows, I’d be much obliged to learn. Thanks to Goldspark on youtube for album/song info.

Tartit – Aitma

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

tartit, aitma, music, rock, underground, ?????????????????,

Artist: Tartit
Song: Aitma
From album: Ichichilla
Sounds like: Rebirth
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I found this song on a site that was hotlinking some of my african hip hop, which I don’t really mind anyway; and somehow it gives me an intense feeling of déjà vu.

The place it takes me is somewhere I’ve been before, somewhere in the real world of soil and bones. Somewhere faraway serene, alone, and piercingly gorgeous. Six Organs tread similar climes; but here, instead of wooded stream, we have island cliff. A solitary grove of eucalyptus; and in place of intoxicant mist, a molten sunset that lasts forever.

Standing in the channel of light, staring at infinity, it’s the kind of moment that makes people believe in god. No sound but wind in the leaves; the burning earth for you alone.

A dirge for the dying of the sun.